N*E*R*D – Provider

very underrated song

 N*E*R*D   Provider
 N*E*R*D   Provider

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  1. mikeyyyJames:

    song palms? on my channel

  2. Mari Castillo:

    lol poly parrots.?

  3. ojomr:

    man pharrell? is a wise mother fucker

  4. BrothersTeamGaming:


  5. khrx1:

    Travis? Barker!

  6. misschris39:

    I? know this was on the early album but when this video was filmed…?

  7. misschris39:

    this reminds me of my early 20s …?

  8. LiIR14:

    Like if you noticed a young Pusha T?

  9. jwheyer:

    poor? taste in music

  10. jwheyer:

    Yeah for sure.. N.E.R.D.? was sick… Pharrell does some good songs still… Beautiful with Snoop Dogg.. thats kind of an old one though

  11. jwheyer:

    Wow brings back some memories…? god I love this album

  12. imnowayback:

    yeah? ,and blink182 ‘s drumer

  13. MrPeppy420:

    ahhhh? the story to my life.

  14. Fapppful:

    Nowadays he’s owned by the corporations… Would you? sell your soul for fame?

  15. danlikar:


  16. tingkagol:

    Just? noticed Brad Renfro looks a lot like Peter Sarsgaard

  17. ir0ckfartz:

    “very underrated song”? lol not really

  18. kwarkt:

    what happened to pharrell ? this music? kicks ass !

  19. crazycreewilliams:

    this was a? fucking classic since the day i heard it on much music..wayy back in the day. the day after i copped the album.

  20. wealllame:

    lol is that tony? hawk 3:11 ?

  21. inawholenewgalaxy:

    This song? is gold

  22. jg7368:

    Oh so? breaking bad

  23. llickthestars:

    Walter White’s? song to Skyler.

  24. Emilio Puigrredon:

    lol T hawk waz? at the store

  25. almadamamada:

    fuck it?

  26. blue12208:

    funny I didn’t start listening to n.e.r.d. Till 08? I know about them and I already liked pharrell but 08 was when I started getting into music and no I didn’t found out about them from fucking tyler! I do love odd future but n.e.r.d. Number one all day!!

  27. wavyboyterry:

    Pusha? T would be the drug dealer lol

  28. neptuneboy89:

    R.I.P Brad? Renfro

  29. ConnallyComedy:

    “He told me cocaine could get you? clout.” – Pusha T…

  30. Guy Giorge:

    eso no és una pelicula, és lo video clipe.?

  31. s0succexy:

    Well to be honest I listen to both. Pharrell first, then Tyler. So no? I don’t have anything against either of them. I see Pharrell taking recent photos with Tyler but for the most part he doesn’t go on tour with them ever… and Pharrell rejected every invite but he chose to go on tour with The Cool Kids instead. I am just stating my opinion and you seems to be upset by it.

  32. ir0ckfartz:

    cause you know tyler and pharrell personally, right? if anything, it sounds like you got something? against tyler.

  33. lindect4:

    YEAH !!! ONE OF THE BEST SONGS EVER WRITTEN – MADE – & ohhh yess? EVER PLAYED !!! Show me (a LOT !!! ) of PEACE SIGNS !!! That is what Life is ALL about !!!

  34. joe gambino:

    4:45 he looks chooong?

  35. Alpha Kilo:

    Tony Hawk in? the shop

  36. daniibaby500:

    is that? travis barker though. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SEXY

  37. daniibaby500:

    ;,( ?

  38. papelpulpul:

    alguiens abe? como se llama la pelicula?

  39. VINCENT74244:

    pushat schooling? that boy

  40. Fern Halliday:

    omg a luv dis song it remynds me dat am an angel 2 and so? is ma ded snail dats in heven now rip henry i luv you so much xx

  41. davyb3:

    Tony Hawk @ 03:12 ?

  42. Pavle Vujicic:

    this song rocks ?

  43. MrZbygnief:

    legendary !

  44. drderfer:

    anyone know? what brand of jeans pharelle is wearing?

  45. JenniviGrace:

    Very underrated song!!? Gosh how I miss N.E.R.D. Specially sexy Pharell (obviously)!

  46. warriorcomic:

    Very busy with Miley Cyrus on her new album.
    also The Game Usher Mika Rick Ross Mac Miller Lupe Fiasco
    He has always been more of a producer? then artist.

  47. warriorcomic:

    yes and the dude? from blink 182

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