Scarface – G Code

Scarface Geto Boys Facemob Houston TX Texas H-Town HTown

 Scarface   G Code
 Scarface   G Code

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  1. rednation10:

    i been listening to this shit since it? came out brings back memories

  2. Afrolex1989:

    or? he’s just a bitch ;-)

  3. VHaV0C:

    Fuck the police?

  4. MayraLuvsMon3y:

    G? CODE* TRU

  5. Abajado:

    Ron Gotti

  6. asianquestions:

    i spot? k-rino in tha back hahah fuck yeah real shit

  7. ImRanzoOG:

    Sickkkkkkkkkkkk ?

  8. flixflaaaax:

    sick track!

  9. Gene Marrero:

    i got goose bumps right now…compare this to anything out now from Ross all the way? down the list, nothing compares

  10. s0uthie187:

    If your sayin OMG … u must be the only faggot listening to? real rap

  11. aldovanopdorp:

    probably not?

  12. MrWeldonmoore:

    spitin that real ? stuff…….


    G code doesnt mean shit to niggas these days. Snitch niggas? rome the world

  14. Vito Kahunas:

    hard? track

  15. icaremylove:

    OMG am i the only? one listening to real rap?

  16. icaremylove:

    any true lover of rap cant listen to this only once!?

  17. icaremylove:

    compare this stuff with those coming from any new? age rapper and let me know! this is pure shit!

  18. HaleySmalls306:

    well obv hes a snitch
    facebook is a snitch guy thats police territory, well in canada they made it so cops can just look through anyone facebooks, fuck this we need to? do a new social network or do a petition

  19. Mrloveweekend:

    We? dont talk to police

  20. xxxHoldOnxxx:


  21. KalebsTheMan:

    ya and you were? one of them stupid ass

  22. micpriestdabeast:

    What made me? love this song more….the mere appearance of the OG K-RINO DA WIZARD…this song is harder than anything out on the streets now….Bless you Geto boys

  23. 2mrguy:

    What? No.?

  24. highgradeskunk:

    Fuck off LordOfHost gods not real, the bible is a bunch of lies and stories 2 try and get people not 2 ‘sin’ if u dont do everythin right u’l burn in a made up place forever. U? rot in the ground or get cremated into not existing anymore… No god, no jesus, no true religion its all lies. Fuck off bullshittin on rap tunes wrong place all ur doin iz pissin people off

  25. LO SLIDEN:


  26. TheLordOfHost1:

    2Ti 3:1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,? Without natural affection, trucebreakers,? false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. HOLY BIBLE.

  27. rene cuara:

    160 niggas snitching?

  28. HighAimCombat:

    Im with the bike faster than? the cops…

  29. hondaEFsedan89:

    uhhh what do you mean songs like this? you mean super gangsta rap? just listen to anything from the geto boyz,? big L, Celph Titled, MOP, eazy e, most west coast rap songs also sound like this…..

  30. sazze91:

    Anything with geto boys, Wu tang, M.O.P,? Mobb deep or Shyne.

  31. Ryann Rust:

    Any other songs? like this anyone else knows?

  32. jamothemenace:


  33. highgradeskunk:

    WE? DON’T TALK 2 POLICE!! Fuck the polis from Newcastle, England

  34. azra113:

    I recognize? K-rino, is there any other rappers in this video ?

  35. whatsabubbler:


  36. pcapes574:

    fuck? any1 with the name gotti

  37. simonjrope:

    Stop giving? Ron? Gotti fame… leave that niggas name outta this.

  38. roddy308:


  39. flytie72:

    FUCK? John gotti!!

  40. reignbocage:

    Real talk … We Don’t Talk To Police!!!!?

  41. 940enigma:

    he? is the best i will ride out with no matter what

  42. Camoftebro:

    Ya wtf u know? Sleazypill !

  43. crazyphil458:

    :) you know its funny….how you rappers look? up to the italian gangsters and yet they hate yall as fuck! ..even john gotti said being a nigger is a embarressment LOL! LOSERS

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